It All Shines

by Boy & The Echo Choir

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    Like the sensitive probe of an oscillograph, Boy & The Echo Choir
    songs transcribe the conflicting moves, moody outlines, sneaky routes,
    and the fault lines of the soul. There, within the secrets of this
    unfathomable inner geography, deep in the unstable soundtrack of the
    heart of hearts, they draw their sometimes uncomfortable truths, their
    profound reveries and their troubled beauty. Boy's songwriting
    persists not to comply with any genre or school of writing.

    Inspired by what any existence intently lived may bring in disorders
    or accidents, "It All Shines" pursues, more than ever, this ambition.
    It's a record that searchs - and finds - coherence in the confusion of
    feelings, an intelligible account in the chaotic framework of the days
    and nights, harmony in the unpredictability of the human stories. With
    a wide range of sound pigments (guitars, keyboards, machines, drums,
    accordion, musical saw, vibraphone, strings, winds, choir...), the
    album paints a moving picture where meet and collide uneasy calms and
    heavy weather, held breaths and outbursts of energy, unadorned and
    complex patterns.

    The intense shine of this new album lies in this science of contrasts
    that, from beginning to end, Boy & The Echo Choir keeps on
    experimenting and reinventing.

    Richard Robert

    (translation by Tazio)

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Dear friends,

Boy & The Echo Choir has finished recording its new album,"It All Shines".
It was crafted between Nantes in France and Brussels in Belgium with Rachel Langlais, Caroline Gabard and Thomas Van Cottom, singing and playing lots of instruments, among them guitars, keyboards, drums, percussions, vibraphone... We also invited our friends from The Missing Season, Angil & The Hiddentracks, and My Name Is Nobody to play on some of the tracks.
It is out on My Little Cab Records, our own french label.

Right now, you can buy the record on this Bandcamp (including something like 2€ of taxes :/ ... or you can write me an email and make a paypal transaction - ( ... without taxes and less expensive!
The complete record will be online in january, 30th 2013.
Don't forget to give me your address for the shipping.

Thank you so much for your enduring support!


"It All Shines", le nouvel album de Boy & The Echo Choir, sortira le 30 janvier 2013 via My Little Cab Records et La Baleine distribution. Enregistré entre Nantes et Bruxelles par Caroline Gabard, Rachel Langlais et Thomas Van Cottom, aidés çà et là par Angil & The Hiddentracks, The Missing Season ou My Name Is Nobody, l'album (digipack 11 titres) est déjà disponible en avant-première sur ce Bandcamp. Vous le commandez ici et on vous expédie l'album par courrier (merci de nous donner votre adresse postale par mail).

Vous pouvez également le commander nous écrivant par mail (paiement direct via Paypal possible) à cette adresse :
Bandcamp prenant 10 à 15% de taxe, le cd est plus cher ici que par paiement direct via Paypal...

Merci pour votre soutien et à bientôt!


released January 30, 2013

Songs by
Caroline Gabard
Rachel Langlais
Thomas Van Cottom

and also :
Marin Perot & Nicolas Gautier (The Missing Season) on Impossible Heart

Featuring :
Vincent Dupas (My Name Is Nobody) on The Organs
Mickaël Mottet (Angil) on Take Oh Take

The Hiddentracks :
Francis Bourganel : Saxophone
Thomas Boudineau : Trombone
Estelle Farine : Flûte traversière
Jean-Christophe Lacroix : Violon, Trompette
on intro + It All Shines

some lyrics by Pierre

mix and mastering by Florian Chauvet
artwork by Maquillage & Crustacés

My Little Cab Records 032



all rights reserved


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Telle la pointe sensible d’un oscillographe, les chansons de Boy & The Echo Choir retranscrivent les mouvements contradictoires, les contours changeants, les chemins dérobés et les lignes de failles de l’âme. Un songwriting qui persiste à ne pas se plier à la loi d’un genre ou au programme d’une quelconque école. 

Richard Robert
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Track Name: It All Shines
Just pretend it all shines on you
Let the fuss and the fights behind you
Where you yell, try to smile, try to laugh, try some new
Take a chance, take a breath, you will see what is true

Hold your horses you will have your fling
Every day has a sad song to sing
Everything is in your hands
It is all yours in the end
Track Name: Impossible Heart
If only I could
Walk a thousand miles
Alone through the night
And feel no fear

If only it could
Calm down my heart
Give it some peace
Force me to rest
To forget you

But I know the way
I can go through
That's what you say
That's why I'm blue

Wish me some love
Throw all I knew
Too many words
Pictures of you
To forget you
Track Name: The Sound
My song is the sound
of all the leaves dancing around
Like a storm it will pass
See how they fall on the ground

Your song is the sound
of all the leaves lying around
Like a storm it will pass
Track Name: Endless Walk
Is there a road
A winding path
For an endless road?

If we are here
What is it for?
Our blissful thoughts

There's not a thing
None to recall
No answer nor key

And with the light
Just by the shore
See how it's real.
Track Name: Why Can't We
Tonight it's gonna be
A mess in my head
And in my eyes
Slipping and changing
Things in all places
Sounding loud around

I can't stand the silence
I have nothing left to handle
And it sounds different
And it sounds blue
What can we do?
Why can't we say more?

No, don't wait a thing
Nothing will occur in waiting
I shouldn't say a thing
Or I shall let it out
Keep me from trying
And it will all come fine

Tonight it's gonna be
A mess in my head
And in my eyes
Slipping and changing
Things in all places
Sounding loud around
Track Name: Take Oh Take
Take all that you've seen
of me
Take all THAT you've made

all your life
All your memories
oh Take
all you've made

This is why you
wait for me
YOU are
the light I see

This is why your
endless nights are
fed with dreams

Take all that you
left on my eyes please
It's what I need

Tell me what you've made
Tell me what you see
without me

I'm no good at this game
Track Name: Last
Bright sunday morning
It's almost unreal
All the luck on our side
A way to feel the delight
Make it last for a while
Track Name: The Organs
Can you hear the organs
They blow away the hurt
Can you hear the organs
They blow away the hurt
Calm me down
Calm me down
Calm me down
Call me

Can you hear the wind
Blowing in our minds
Can you hear the wind
Blowing in our minds
To forget the pain
To forget his eyes
forget the pain
forget his eyes
Track Name: Fire
I hold my breath
I keep it inside
And take the way back to you

Please forgive me
For all the pain
I can but take the way back to you

I turn off the light
I keep that fire in me

Shall we surrender
Shall we pretend
it's nothing we can see

The deepest sky
the bluest sea
won't be as dark as me

I turn off the light
I keep that fire in me

In the sunshine
Won't fade away
Track Name: Warm
All I have now is the bluest word from you
I know all there's to know

After all we have the sun to warm
Out of this mess we can't say more

Where would you like me to stay
did you think I was a stranger?

All I have now is the bluest word from you
I know all there's to know

After all we have the sun to warm
Out of this mess we can't say more.